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I hate how people do this so much just because of your body type you are “wrong” when really people work really hard on there cosplays and i am not saying the skinny people are wrong here nor am i saying bigger people are i’m saying the person who typed all though’s harsh things is VERY wrong who are they to say what is right and what is wrong everyone does cosplay for fun not to please someone else just because you are big does not mean you should be scared to cosplay everyone has the right to cosplay and if you don’t like how the look? please tell me what lair told you that you are a so called “god”? because dear you are nothing more then a jerk.

This is why I get scared to cosplay


fabuliz218 made a request for some lolita designs, so i made up a few! the first one is based off of an angelic pretty dress {sugar fairy cake}, the second is something from fanplusfriend, the third is a cardigan i found while browsing around, the fourth and fifth are a generic lolita dress from different palettes to show how it can be changed to match a style, and the sixth is the Baby, The Stars Shine Bright logo

i hope these are okay, i wasn’t sure what sort of lolita you’d like to see so i just winged it. if not, message me and i can make up some more that you prefer c:

animal crossing wild world palettes:

  • first one: 9/16
  • second: 6/16
  • third: 12/16
  • fourth: 6/16 {can be used on essentially any palette}
  • fifth: 9/16 {can be used on essentially any palette}
  • sixth: 16/16
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